What is a Blokart?

The Blokart is a popular, compact, land yacht, manufactured by the New Zealand-based company Blokart International Ltd.  Blokarts can be quickly disassembled and packed into a carry-bag giving them a high degree of portability and are designed to be particularly easy to learn to sail.

Blokarts have four standard sail sizes, 2.0m, 3.0m, 4.0m and 5.5m, with sail size choice being dependent on wind strength and weight of the sailor. Heavier sailors require larger sails, and smaller sails are more efficient in stronger winds.

The basic model including wheels, mast and sail weighs only 29 kg and can be dismantled in a few minutes without tools, and all parts packed into a carry-case. The high degree of portability allows them to be transported by car, or carried as luggage on a plane.  Unlike many other land yachts, the Blokart is steered using the hands via a centrally mounted bar directly coupled to the front wheel. This, along with its compact size, makes it highly manoeuvrable.  Blokarts are used for leisure sailing on beaches in many parts of the world.

Blokart racing is also developing as a competitive international sport, with organised racing including national championships in several countries and a biennial world championship.  The “one design” standard has helped Blokart racing spread rapidly throughout the world, with national and regional championships now being contested annually in numerous countries including: USA, Australia, NZ, Britain, Spain, Belgium, France, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Lithuania and the Netherlands.

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