Race Results 2023-2024 Season

Report from PRO Chris Tyerman – Race 1 (15th October 2023)

We got pretty unlucky with the conditions on 15/10, with light winds and getting rained out after one race.  We need to have at least three races for a proper result, so we shall be adding the results of the one race on 15/10 to the results of our next race meeting on 5/11.  We will also make use of the Makeup Championship day on 3/12 to catch up on our racing.  In sum, there will be race days on 5/11, 19/11 and 3/12.

Here are the results from the single race on 15/10:

Production (starting from first place):

John Brolese (6)

Stephen Tyerman (44)

Alek Luczak (21)

Peter Luczak (20)

Performance (starting from first):

Rob Edwards (19)

Mike Dale (2)

David Knights (26)

Report from PRO Chris Tyerman – Race 2 (5th November 2023)

What an excellent race day that turned out to be!  Forecast looked a little light, but in the end it was pointed from the right direction and bolstered by a sea breeze taking it nicely beyond the predictions, causing some sailors to go down a sail size.  Rob beat me handily in the performance class, John dominated the production class, and also in the production class Brighton Dynes piloting through several races and Mike Gosling climbing through the fleet should be noted!

While the wind was scarce in the late morning, Peter and Alek hitched the cheese grater to their car and kindly cleared great swathes of the track of the saltbush that’s been crowding us.  Thanks so much guys!  And to Mike and Rob and Dad for shaking out the grater and moving clumps of saltbush out of the way.  And a very big thankyou to Julie and Erika for running the starts and scoring, you kept us on the track racing!

Our next club championship race day is on 19/11 and I want to remind members we will be using the make-up day on 3/12 as a club champ race, to deal with our previous rainy day.

Report from PRO Chris Tyerman – Race 3 (19th November 2023)

Another successful race day!  Healthy wind had me put my four metre sail up by the second race.  We ran a clockwise course, and later Greg made things more interesting by bringing the left turn right up to tram trash, ensuring we had to beat to get up there and maybe trade positions.  I could not catch Steve after race 1, and John took the production class, though Peter did manage to take a race off him.  Newcomer Robert Hasenohr got the hang of racing pretty quickly and I saw him get quite a good spot on a start ahead of Peter later in the day.  Good to see some new faces.

Report from PRO Chris Tyerman – Race 4 (21st January 2024)

Good day of racing last Sunday, fine cool weather and a strong breeze had most of us starting with a size 4 sail.  Clockwise course, and we put the left hand turn right up next to tram trash so we’d get an upwind and a downwind leg.  The right turn around Pig Swill was tricky as usual, quite a handful keeping the kart level and straight while gathering most of the main sheet back.  In this process one time the main sheet wrapped around Bill’s handlebar, giving him his only duck for the day.

Quite a mix of placings (apart from Bill at the lead mostly) had Rob, David K and myself quite close.  With a points tie between David and I, David gets ahead for his gold in the first race.

Report from PRO Chris Tyerman – Race 5 (4th February 2024)

I arrived at the track and found John B toiling away at a shelter for our race officials, a pair of sturdy columns that a car awning can be screwed onto to shade the score keepers, what a great idea.  Thank you John!  Rob was also out there scraping pretty much everything between Tram Trash and Pig Swill, he must have been at that for a while.

The unusual northerly and the increasing heat had dried the track out handily, reducing the broad puddles visible on Friday into damp patches that wouldn’t even stick to your shoes.  We got a race in on the northerly, which gave us a nice upwind downwind leg but had us close to stalling as we got to the lee at Pig Swill.  As we finished up the first race, the wind sprung around to a westerly that made me thankful I packed the 3 metre sail, the weather station showing 30 knot gusts after the fact.  Luckily the shift was more or less ninety degrees, turning the long east west run into an upwind-downwind leg, which John capitalised on.  We had to remember this wasn’t Kingston and had tens of seconds to begin losing speed to make it around the east mark and stay out of the scrub (later, on some laps after racing I ended up having to use the back track as a kind of arrester bed). We would have held many more races in this crazy westerly but alas, the heat was becoming unbearable and we prudently called it early.  Peter L somehow put up with it and got in as many extra laps as he could, probably because the surgery on his foot is going to keep him away from the track for a while.  We all wish you a quick recovery, Peter.  Greg Devine got a lot of ks in too, he shall be representing us at the nationals in Queensland so he had to cram for the test.  Go Greg!

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