Racing Organisation

The Race Sub-Committee

A dedicated group, comprised of Phillip Levi, Greg Peake and Rob Edwards, has been working to develop Lake Nalpa into a first-class venue for racing. Our Principal Race Officer (PRO) is Greg Peake.

The Club is fortunate to be able to use Phillip’s purpose-built Race-Administration Office (on wheels), which has a desk, PA system, and race timing equipment.

Race-Administration Office
Also a well-appointed Blokart trailer

How to Race

  • Anyone can race (in a Blokart).  Sometimes entering a race can give structure and context to your learning.  Please don’t be afraid to join in – start behind the more experienced racers, if you’re concerned about “getting in the way”.  However, please attach a red/orange flag to your Blokart’s pulley-whip to signify that you are a “beginner”.  Other competitors in the race will react accordingly.
  • All competitors need to display their Sail Number Flag on their pulley-whip – obtain from Race-Admin.
  • Before the race, listen to the Principal Race Officer’s briefing.  The course will be outlined, and the direction of the pre-start or “dial-up” will  be stated (the PRO will nominate a clockwise or anticlockwise direction of rotation for the whole fleet once the preparatory signal has been given and before the start signal. This dial-up will last for two minutes.
  • Our preparatory signal will generally be verbal in the form of a short (5 second) count-down, followed by the statement “Two Minutes”.  Following that command, competitors will start the dial-up.
  • A green flag will be raised vertically to indicate one minute to start, and then held horizontally to indicate 30 seconds to start.
  • The start signal is when the green flag is dropped (lowered below horizontal).

Please download and read the IBRA Rule Book Edition 7, in particular Part 5 – Sailing Rules (Sections 1 – 5).

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