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About our Club

We are a group of sailing enthusiasts, who prefer to sail on land. Members of our club range in age from 9 years of age to over seventy years of age. We have seen a rapid growth in the number of club members recently, now totalling over 35 members.

The Club offers a family-friendly, low pressure, introduction to sailing on land. Social sailing is scheduled regularly, as well as regular race meetings. There are ‘come and try’- type events, such as our Team Race and our Relay Race with a unique Le Mans start. So, whether you’re looking for a memorable day out sailing or the adrenaline rush that comes with racing, the Blokart has it all.

The Club is affiliated with the Australian Blokart Association (ABA), whose aim is “to promote and develop the sport of Blokart sailing in the community by providing family orientated fun events in a safe environment”. Upon joining our club, you will become a member of the ABA and will be covered by insurance when participating in club events.

Blokarting is a relatively inexpensive sport, as the wind is used for propulsion and the Blokart itself requires little maintenance. Once disassembled and packed into its bag, a Blokart is easily transportable in the back of a car.

How to find the S.A. Blokart Club track at Lake Nalpa

Latest view from our webcam

This image is taken from the club’s weather station located on-site! You can see the complete local weather conditions here

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